Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Saturday farmer's market is finally starting to heat up though the food offerings are still slim. Rhubarb, green onions, spinach. The plants are the thing right now. Herbs, annuals, and finally the tomatoes can be considered. It's almost warm enough, warm enough to at least pretend it's warm enough. And dahlias. Someone was selling tubers for the most stunning range. I bought five and nestled them in on Monday. A stake, a little pat and some nasturtium seeds at their feet. Then water, water, water. And wait...

The ones I picked up:


We had a devastating rain yesterday. Ok, maybe devastating is too harsh a word. It wasn't hurricane force. But it was strong pummeling tender plants and sweeping in through the windows. Further down the block the street is now strewn with gravel, swept down the hill from who knows where. But our soil is mostly intact, the plants mostly unbruised, the floors quickly mopped and the curtains drying. I think from our brood Lucy was the only one who noticed the thunder. She hid under the bed while Tron napped and Bea sat on the porch and let out the occasional bark. So one scardey cat, one cool cat, and one water dog who's not too sure about it when it's pouring from the sky.

The aftermath of the storm is not all bad, though. It's revealed more little seedlings peeking their heads up in the vegetable patch. The broad beans may be late but they've finally shown and the peas seem to have grown an inch overnight. There are more radish and chard suddenly up and the arugula looks like a scattering of green freckles against the dark soil.

Today's goal was to finish the dog proof (ha!) fence around the vegetable patch and to gently mist off some of the soil that the rain tossed up on to the perennials. The fence got done, whether it will deter the beast is another matter. She seems to find running at it head on and getting tangled in the mesh to be great sport. I'm just trying not to scream and think we need to start perimeter training. And the misting? Called off due to another bout of rain, this only hard and drawn out. I think in 2 days we've had the rainiest May on record.

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